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Laura Horta, MSN, APRN-CNP

Kristine Batty Ph.D., APRN-CNP, BC-ADM, CDE, CDOE

Kristine Batty 's dream was to go to college to study Nursing.  Since her graduation from the University of Rhode Island in 1992 she has enjoyed a successful career.  Kristine worked as a Medical-Surgical Nurse for several years before moving on to be a Critical Care Nurse.  Kristine enjoyed teaching her fellow Nurses and took on the role of a Nurse Educator.

In 2001, Kristine moved on to become a Nurse Practitioner to allow her to provide excellent and comprehensive care to her patients.  Kristine was able to fulfill a career goal by specializing in the care of those with Diabetes.  This is her passion.

Kristine is Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner, in Advanced Diabetes Management, and both locally and nationally certified as a Diabetes Educator. Kristine has earned her PhD in Nursing; her research focuses on the effect Diabetes has on families of adults with Diabetes. She has also received the AANP State Award of Excellence for 2014.

Kristine strongly believes that people can live a long and healthy life despite being diagnosed with Diabetes.  It is her mission to provide the tools for success to her patients that they need to achieve this goal.  Kristine believes that those with Diabetes need a health care provider that will work with you as a partner and a source of support. 

In her independent practice, Diabetes Care Solutions, LLC, Kristine will provide all of her patients with the medical, educational and motivational care and support needed.   

Welcome to Diabetes Care Solutions, LLC . Come in to meet Kristine and see how she can help you live your life successfully with Diabetes! 

Laura Horta has vast experience in prevention and care of chronic illness. Laura began her career with her Bachelor's Degree as an Exercise Physiologist. After several years of enjoying this, she decided she wanted more interaction with patients. She soon became a Registered Nurse, however, still not satisfied and wanting more, she worked to earn her Master's Degree and is now an Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner.

Laura prides herself in educating her patients' and leading them to health through active engagement in their self-care. Laura is our Coordinator of the Diabetes Prevention Program at Diabetes Care Solutions. 

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